Shinsuke Nakamura picks Stipulation for Money in the Bank match against AJ Styles

Last night Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles meet Face-to-Face to hear what stipulation Shinsuke has decided for their match. Before Shinsuke revealed the stipulation he told AJ that I will not just beat you, I will dishonor you. His house is now his house. AJ had enough and demanded Shinsuke to reveal the stipulation. Shinsuke went on to pick a pillow fight match! AJ went on to call Shinsuke “The King of Soft Style” and that this is not the Shinsuke the WWE Universe wanted. As AJ was about to leave the ring Shinsuke attacked AJ. The both brawled for a bit until Shinsuke gave AJ a Kinshasa which left AJ on the floor. Shinsuke then revealed the true stipulation for their match……. Last Man Standing Match!! This promises to be a violent, hard hitting, emotional match.

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