Most Embarrassing Knockouts

One of the fastest Knockouts

  • No it’s not Mike Tyson it was “James Thunder”. Watch this one, don’t blink or you will miss it. It will take longer to describe who’s on the mat
  • Marker 1:14 – Another boxer who thinks he can take a punch. (Purple shorts)
  • Marker 1:52 – We’ll call this one playing possum (black shorts out) but it back fired and the referee called the match before the 10 count
  • Marker 2:36 – Down on the mat but wait up and dancing (red shorts)
  • Marker 3:23 – UZZY walk in dance. I think he’s at the wrong event, you got to like the announcer’s accent. Keeps it interesting. Let’s see how he does in the ring. Well just how you would expect it a few punches and face down he goes half in the ring. Light out
  • Marker 5:44 – Kenny Rainford vs. Brian Sutherland (blue trunks) WTF glove slapping? Street fighter goes pro well after this fight you street fighting days are over as well

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