Cincotti takes 1st place in Sweet Corn Eating Contest

58 ears of corn in 12 minutes.

Carmen Cincotti won the corn eating contest by downing a whopping 58 ears of corn in 12 minutes– breaking the 2016 world record of 47 held by Yasir Salem.

That’s more than a crate of corn.

At least that’s what the Sweet Corn Fiesta’s Facebook page says.

The Sweet Corn Fiesta in West Palm Beach, Florida has a mission to educate and inform the public of the importance and economic value of Agriculture to the local community. To Promote a crop that Palm Beach County ranks No. 1, in the World. To educate others and preserve our agricultural heritage.

FunFact, West Palm Beach County is the Sweet corn capital of the world.  You can even take some home with you, they sell the corn for $15/crate– and for your convenience, as opposed to lugging a crate of sweet corn around the Fiesta, you receive a coupon, then when you’re all corned-out and you leave, you just drive your car by the refrigerated trailer to pick up your crate.


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