Camel-racing Robots?! WTF?

My little sister who is currently overseas serving our military, told me she heard the city where she’s stationed holds camel-racing events. She said that its an important sport in the middle east; kind of like thoroughbred horse racing in the United States. My Grandfather was a thoroughbred trainer and my Dad is still very involved in the horse-racing industry, so naturally I was interested in learning about camel racing.

Camel racing goes a long way back. Some countries consider it part of their culture, however, there have been some adjustments made. Before, owners used to employ children to ride the camels in a race; to keep them light-weight. Since child racing was outlawed in 2002, small robots are now being used to ride these camels.

The robots can weigh up to 8.8 pounds and carry a walkie-talkie so the camels can hear the trainers’ commands. The robots also have whips attached so they can whip the s*** out of the camel on-command.

As for the camels- some say camels have been domesticated longer than horses. Surprisingly,  championship camels with blue-chip blood lines have sold for up to 9.5 million dollars. Race purses can pay up to 2 million dollars for first place.

I think we can all learn one thing from this sport- the age of the robots is approaching and they will whip the s*** out of anyone who opposes them.

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